What is Love?

We thought we had it all figured out. We have read books, we have seen movies. We know what perfect love is supposed to be like. We know what a perfect partner should feel like; being completely in sync with each other, finishing each other’s sentences, understanding the silences. We thought we were ready for when it happened to us. We knew we would be. We had waited long enough.

But then, someone came along and we began questioning the same engraved-in-stone notion about perfect love. It wasn’t like that. It was real and subtle; the key word being REAL. It was no fierce declaration of love being shouted from mountain-tops. It was an all consuming feeling of being happy.

If the butterfly in the stomachs was love then what is this; pasted smile on the face 24X7, constant state of dreaming, satisfaction?

You will never know what love is supposed to feel like, until you fall head over heels in it!!