A Letter to “Serendipity”!

It’s happening all over again – the falling for each other, the cant-do-anything-about-it situation, and the hung-over-the-past thing. Even the last time you were never completely mine and I don’t think I can deal with you not being mine, this time too. If this, us, is not meant to be, we are better off without each other. It may be the hardest thing to do and it may be difficult for you to believe me, but it is! Walking away from something you almost had, twice, is not that easy, even if I do it with a smile on my face. The pain, the regret and the known that it was something beyond the real and something truly mine, can never be easy on anyone.

People talk about cosmic love. We have joked about cosmic love. But having known us again, after a year between now and then, I may want to believe in the extraordinary. Serendipity- when someone finds something they weren’t expecting to find!!! You are my unexpected.

With you, life seems to stall. Every moment is crystal clear, nothing passes in a haze. I am addicted to you. I can look deep into your eyes and know the truth, know that there is no other place that you’d rather be. I know that when you ask me to never leave again, that I myself, won’t be able to.

I know what I ran away from the last time. Because every time I walked past you, I knew what I had lost. Somewhere I knew that what we had, not many have, and that I have been running around the world to find just that. And I had it. I had you. But I didn’t know then, that it meant that much to you. I didn’t know you felt the same way. You never said anything.

And you tell me that I was never sad at leaving you. Maybe I wasn’t sad, maybe it never showed. But since then, every man has been compared to you in some way. You were the best I ever had. When you look at me and tell me that I look pretty, I know I do.

If I have you this time, I want you all for myself. I am not going to share you with anyone. If that is acceptable to you, I shall be yours. But please don’t ask me to be something that I ran away from, the last time too.

You are my Serendipity!