My love affair with Pune

Hey People,

I am sorry I haven’t written in quite some time. Had been busy travelling and then lazing around at home. Finally I am back in Pune and it feels like home. The weather is frighteningly perfect! The rains are the reason I feel in love with Pune in the first place. One of my friends had written about having a love affair with a city (in her case, Mumbai) and now being back in Pune, I am conscious of my love affair with this city.

The moment I stepped off the train, it was a feeling of ecstasy. Being back, I could cry and smile at the same time. This is what this city does to me. For people who have seen Pune in the rains will know what I am talking about. This place takes on a surreal beauty. The rain, the misted sight of the hills in the background, anywhere you look, and the wind blowing through your hair. It is a life long love affair, which I don’t think I’ll be able to shrug off wherever life takes further ahead and whichever I city I live in.

Pune in rains is something that makes you want to fall in love. To get out, get wet, go up a hill and sit there, to enjoy the rain drops on your face, to take a bike ride to Lonavala, to go to Pune University, to walk in the rain with friends singing songs totally out of tune, above the roar of the rain are things that make you believe of better things in life.

This city has managed to pull me back to life every time I have fallen, has made me believe in love every time I got my heart-broken,  has managed to make me sing in the saddest of times. It has given me my best friends, the best 2 years of my life and has given me reasons to fall in love again and again. I cannot say this of any other city, and trust me I have been in quite a few. It is like an arrogant lover – it will fight with you, throw you off-balance, hurt you, coax you back up, give you a pat on the shoulder and a kiss on the forehead. It will wait on you patiently when you run away from it. In the end, it will always be there with arms wide open to take you back in, after you have roamed the world and then decided to come back home.

It is my last year in Pune and I don’t know how I will get myself to pack my bags, at the end of this year, and leave, not knowing when I will see it again. But remembering it will remind of me of happy times, of having lived life.

So this is to Pune, my love, cheers!

A proud lover!