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Diu Calling

I had a recent trip to Diu, to be precise in December last year. It was a road trip after a really long time. And I utterly enjoyed it.

Diu is a good 261 odd kms from Rajkot, Gujarat. And the road after Somnath, takes a toll for the worse. It gets narrower and bumpy, therefore a distance that should technically take you a decent 1.5 hrs, takes up a close 2-2.5 hrs because of the road condition.

On the way to Diu, lies Somnath. It is the very temple that Mohammad Ghazni raided in 1024 CE. Now the temple is part of a large complex of temples built by the Gujarat Tourism. It sits on the lands end with the Arabian Sea washing its shores.

Diu on the other hand is a peaceful and serene fishing town. It is not over- exploited like other beach towns in India, like Goa or even Daman closer home. It is got a soothing feeling to it with empty roads, laid back people, french style houses and beaches. This is usually the scenario until and unless it’s a weekend or the Island Festival is going on, which is usually held in the month of december every year.

It is an amalgamation of three beaches- Nagoa beach, Jalandhar beach and Ghoghla beach. Where Nagao beach is the much preferred tourist destination with water sports and the likes, the other two have been pretty much left unexplored. Diu Fort is a beautiful and imposing structure with a huge light house and several old cannons. Outside the walls of the Diu Fort lies the Naida caves. The caves were a surprise since not alot of tourists know about. It surely is the most beautiful things, by far, in Diu.

Diu is best self- explored without the hassles of a guide. To get to know the place, the best is to hire a car and drive around town and explore. There is plenty there to be discovered.