About Me!

Well Sunny Days in June is nothing but in reference to the time I started writing this blog. It is the summer of 2011, freaking hot and sweaty. And I am at a crucial stage to decide about what exactly I want to do in the future. So instead of breaking my head over that, I have decided to do something less criminal and start a blog. I am usually a very chirpy and naughty person and I enjoy the sun (I am a June-Born 🙂 ). This blog is about my life- the questions, the assumptions, the contemplation, the confusions, the ramblings and the cerebration! So read it, comment on it, scrutinize it, connect with it and enjoy it.

I am:

  • Self proclaimed perfectionist;
  • Madness personified;
  • Confused to the very core of my existence;
  • a Traveller, coz there just too much and very less time;
  • Lazy, coz sleep is the best thing that can happen to you;
  • a Curious Explorer, coz I just need to know;
  • an Impulsive freak, coz the more you think about it, the lesser fun it is
With lots of love
A  Cancerian 😛

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