Supporting the Pink Ribbon


This is for all those beautiful people I have lost to cancer. Because you fought and fought hard. You’ll always be missed and remembered. You make us more brave and taught us that “Life must go on…”.

And this is in support of all those people who still fight it everyday. And to their families. Because after having been through it myself, all I can say to you is “Be Strong”.

Show your support. Send out a message on 2nd October.


Foolish Love

I wish I could say I am not foolish enough for love. But I can’t. I am foolish. Foolish to fall in love at your every smile, kiss, hug, caress…

And I wish you weren’t looking over my back, reading this. Now you know my secret. You know I am already in love with you. And that makes me all the more vulnerable. And this vulnerability should make me scared. But it doesn’t. Because I am foolish and I give into love again. And again. And again…