‘Look, there, that way!’

‘Where?’ Asked, she.

‘Oh come on! Can’t you see, that’s him!!!’

‘There is no one there’, she sighed.

Obviously there is no one.

He moves like Flash.

He is here one instant, gone the next.

His mind ever- wandering.

I have tried asking him where he goes away to?

His hideout in a hideous world.

But he doesn’t answer.

I think, maybe he is going away again.

But wait, I just reached you, David!

Don’t you go away again.

He looks away.

‘I wish I could stay. Give you everything, my love.

But you don’t understand.

I need alone. I will find my way back to you’, he says.

‘I’ll wait,’ I shout after him.

I can see him walk away.

Old t-shirt, its print faded.

Dark blue ripped denims.

Big- foot sneakers.

See him walk away into the sun.

Makes you almost wish that he turns around.

That he run back to you, hold you.

And say, ‘tie me to you.’

But he won’t. He can’t.

‘Let him go’, I hear her say.

‘But don’t you understand, I love him.

How can I let him go?’

‘Because he doesn’t belong to you’, she said.