Unrequited Love

“People haven’t stopped believing in love. They have stopped believing in happy endings”, Shantaram.

This, in all its entirety, is true. People give up on love for the simple reason that, once upon a time they loved someone, and something somewhere in that love was incomplete; the incompleteness of not being loved the same way, of never having the one you love, of an unrequited love.

Love is a difficult equation with multiple factors out of which not one is in your hand, except the constant – that you keep loving. This may have multiple outcomes, but finding the perfect solution, is often in the minority.

But then again, “at the end of the day everyone’s going to hurt you. You’ve got to find the ones worth suffering for”, Bob Marley.

That’s what makes you believe in even unrequited love. The hope, the wish and the belief that just someday, maybe, you’ll have the one you want. In all proportions you’ll be theirs. Because we are a hopeless clan of people, who can’t give up on love that easy. It either takes a lot of heartbreak or another (better) person or for someone to be smitten by you, to give up and move on. So when you have one of these, move on. Not because it’s worthless waiting but because you can do with someone telling you, “I’m yours”.

Much love:

A hopeless romantic


8 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. Sum1 tells u “I’m yours” and in u can also feel the true feelings wen dey say it.. But den, jst suddenly tht person leaves, leaves us all by ourselves… Leaves us when we have made our life totally dependent on dem.. Saccha pyaar adhoora reh gaya yarrr.. N dis pain, dis longing for dem 2 cum back n say tht they were mistaken, dis agony tht suddenly all the heavenly love between us has disappeared, just breaks me down, tears my soul apart, shatters me completely 4m inside.. Waiting n keep loving is all I can do, is all I will do.. I wanna hear “I’m yours” again, but only from the same person who said it first, no1 else..

    • But how long will you keep hanging on to them?? This is not the way life goes. You can’t be dependent on someone. At the end, its always just you by yourself. This dependency on someone else is what takes us down.

      • Dat dependency can be managed.. Bt watever happns, I jst cant stop waiting.. I never can.. Deep down inside me tht flicker of faith is still alive that the unconditional love has not died..!! Its like I jst dont have nething to give to sum1 else, and I have everything inside me to give it to only tht person..!!

      • Lets hope so tanya.. I feel love happns only once, rest all is merely attraction force of good looks.. M nt gonna force her to cum back.. Bt neither my heart holds the capacity to feel nethng for ne1 else..!!

        And once again, very true n nicely expressed thoughts.. Somehow, I feel tht my thoughts, my questions, my opinion seems so connected to what u write..
        Do me a life time favor, n nevr stop writing.. N already waiting impatiently for ur next post..!!

  2. I don’t want u to stop writing ever. And yes. I do believe in unconditional love as well.. Tho loving only once.. That remains to be seen…. I’ll tell u how I turn out…. Muah…

    • 😀 Lets see how that turns out for all of us! Dreaming on paper and it actually happening has a large gap in between!
      And I promise to never stop writing. There may be sabbaticals, but never resignation. 🙂
      You reading it makes me wanna write more… :* :*

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