Playing by Instinct

We are often caught helpless in our actions, in relations we share with people. We are confused between the right and the wrong. What to do and what not to do? Specially with people we are very close to, we are overly cautious – like a man peering down  from the edge of a cliff, afraid to slip into the all absorbing darkness of loneliness beyond. This is because we are afraid of losing that person, or are scared of being left alone, to pick up the pieces of a shattered trust. And in this helplessness we wish we knew what was the right thing to do – we wish that life was like a movie and was scripted so that we knew what the right thing to say or do was or even that someone would tell us what to do and spare us the hurt of thinking it over.

But, as in life, we learn to play by instincts, so is it in love. “Instinct is what takes things forward”. We learn all about the relationship enigma by instinct driven play or actions. We have learnt from our past relations and may choose to or not to imply those lessons in the future.

But it so happens that, in love, we are scared even to play by that instinct in case, it may be the wrong one. We live by the ever consuming fear of losing someone and that stops us from being ‘us’. We play safe and cautious. But the best games are won when we play ruthless because what makes us win is the very fear of losing.

So play all your cards on hand, be yourself. Otherwise even though the relation may last, the people involved won’t really know the real ‘You’s, as you were too busy trying to play pretense, to win!

Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.

With Love


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