Ahoj Fellas!!!!

I am a late teen on the verge of crossing over to the old 😦  and wild side 🙂 of my 20s. I live in Pune, Maharashtra and have been living here for the past 2 years. If you truly ask me, I don’t belong to a particular place, which I like about myself, because it gives me the freedom to lead anywhere I wish. I am a Kannadiga by family, though more than half of my family now resides in Hyderabad, AP and the remaining live in Indore, MP with a few other scattered here and there. I lived the initial 12 years of my life in the heart of India, Bhopal, MP. And then moved to Gujarat for 6 years before heading to Pune for my graduation. And after a year I am going to pack my bags again and head off to another city to call it mine for a while. So basically, there is no town I call home except where my dad lives, which is currently Rajkot, Gujarat.

I am a confused, mad, wild, impulsive freak who lives by the rule ‘Live life NOW’ because there just isn’t a better time to enjoy, to indulge, to love, to freak out, to let your hair down, to see the world, to live life or go drinking! 😛 The more you think about doing something, the lesser fun it gets (coz you push logic into it) and the more time you lose when you should have been enjoying it. So do it here and do it now.

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist and I can’t stand mediocrity. There is absolutely no reason for sub standard work. So although I have tried to do my best (I must admit I may never reach perfection when it comes to writing), I am opening my thoughts and writing in black and white for the first time to be judged by whosoever chooses to. As someone once told me, ‘If you fear being judged, you’re never going to get anywhere worthwhile’.

This is also an attempt to put thoughts, questions, contemplations, assumptions all out there, in word, to understand it better. Because it’s only when you are writing and bending your mind to find the right word that fits, is it that you understand it more clearly.

So here it is, with all abandon, an attempt to write. For I know not what it is I am going to write about. Because I am one confused specimen of a woman! So here it is, to whatever comes to my mind. 🙂

P.S. Thanks to a particular friend (I hope you know it’s you 😛 ) for giving me the needed push!


10 thoughts on “Ahoj Fellas!!!!

  1. A great job….welcome to the world of blogging…

    This is just the start…you will find that you can reach a massive audience who (if) they want to read 😛 …will read..

    you atleast got one Permanent Reader 😉

  2. tanya,i read the whole thing n plzz continue writing more.It was amazing. m so looking forward to read more of what u write……………:)
    now this is someone whom i would like to call a perfect senior coz, being your junior,there is so much to learn from you…….:) 😀

  3. I love you. looking forward to more…. go back to where everything starts fr u…. write from there….

    another of ur permanent readers i will be. 🙂

  4. Wow! you write so well Tanya!
    although i don’t blog, but i’ll be looking forward to read more from you. Good work! 🙂

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