Falling in Love is Cliched

Noone knows how to fall in love anymore. Noone knows how to hold on to people, with everything they’ve got. Noone knows how to be so lost in someone that the rest of the world is oblivious to your existence. Noone knows what “Truly Madly Deeply” was written about, anymore. Nobody knows what love feels like, only what it is supposed to feel like.

People have become too practical for love. Tch Tch!


Supporting the Pink Ribbon


This is for all those beautiful people I have lost to cancer. Because you fought and fought hard. You’ll always be missed and remembered. You make us more brave and taught us that “Life must go on…”.

And this is in support of all those people who still fight it everyday. And to their families. Because after having been through it myself, all I can say to you is “Be Strong”.

Show your support. Send out a message on 2nd October. http://www.livestrongday.org/pledgenow

Foolish Love

I wish I could say I am not foolish enough for love. But I can’t. I am foolish. Foolish to fall in love at your every smile, kiss, hug, caress…

And I wish you weren’t looking over my back, reading this. Now you know my secret. You know I am already in love with you. And that makes me all the more vulnerable. And this vulnerability should make me scared. But it doesn’t. Because I am foolish and I give into love again. And again. And again…

In light of the recent incidents in Guwahati, this one is a must read.

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

A guest post by Praveen Talwar.

Many years ago, in 1990, something changed in India. It wasn’t something that everyone noticed. It wasn’t something that a lot of people even cared about. But it was something big, something to do with how the law actually extends its protection to citizens in practice. In October 1990, the Supreme Court of India ruled in favor of one Banubi Sheikh, a woman who admitted in court that she was party to an extramarital relationship, a woman who also stuck to her guns in stating that that little fact should be treated as irrelevant to her main allegation that she was assaulted and raped by a policeman at her home.
 Like many things in law, it wasn’t the case that was important; it was the precedent. For the first time, the supreme court explicitly stated that a woman’s sex life was her own business…

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